behavioural optometrist childrenI feel that as a behavioural optometrist children relate well to me. It is one thing to have studied in Optometry School or university, but it is still another to be able to relate to children when you test their eyes and prescribe treatments.

As a behavioural optometrist children need to relate to you properly in order to do an accurate eye test. While many optometrists have difficulty relating to kids, if you want to specialise in this area you need to have patience, tenacity and a good sense of humour!

This is what children need when they face and eye test, and as a behavioural optometrist I?ve had years of experience dealing with and relating to children of all ages. This is especially true when it comes to learning difficulties, because these kids are used to failure and not doing well, and are often very timid and threatened by an adult that they have not met before.


Steps to Becoming a Behavioural Optometrist Children Can relate to?

I did not start life as an optometrist who easily related to children. For many optometrists, eye examinations revolve around numbers and figures, but as you grow older and gain experience it becomes much easier to relate those figures to real-world events and how someone is using their eyes in their job or when studying.

Having an interest in the way vision impacted a child?s learning abilities led me into behavioural optometry, and through years of experience I have learned to relate really well not only to my own children but also to the kids I see in my practice.

When you bring your child to me for a comprehensive visual examination, you will see the following steps as I relate to them and their world?


  1. I will talk with them directly, asking their questions and opinions, rather than only talking to the adult.
  2. I will crack jokes and have fun with the child, especially if they are very young.
  3. I will use movie clips as part of the eye testing procedures.
  4. I will use specialised tests to find out exactly what is happening when they try to read, write or spell.
  5. I will clearly outline the results and what I think needs to be done, speaking to the child as well is to mum or dad, and my comments will be able to be related directly to how the child behaves, especially around homework and reading. I will also outline what can be done, and give them the opportunity to make decisions.

Being a behavioural optometrist children relate to and are comfortable around is a key component of examining how they are using their vision when it comes to learning. This is not something becomes automatically if you hold a degree or it had a certain sort of training. In actual fact, it is really only something those who are passionate about helping kids develop, and I believe that I am one of those guys.

So if you live on the Sunshine Coast and are looking for a behavioural optometrist children can relate to, come and see us for yourself and discover the Eye CU difference!

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