Hi, welcome to the Building Blocks Preschool Therapy, the only therapy on the internet that will SUPERCHARGE your child’s learning experience.

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There are 9 Levels to work through, and the links to these are below:








The Colours:

The program involves doing the following activities every day from each coloured group.


The Times:

You are to spend 2 weeks on each coloured group, doing every activity from that group daily.  It does not matter what time of day you do this, and we do not want you to spend longer than 5-7 minutes on each activity, (unless your child is really enjoying it.)  Total time to spend each day doing these tasks should be limited to 30 minutes maximum.


The Routine:

The whole idea is to get regular and into a routine for the exercises done, and then you will find that you can easily do these tasks as required, between 12-14 times in the two week period.


The Support:

If you run into difficulty, feel free to email me, but even if you are not entirely sure of what you need to do, please at least continue making attempts to do the exercises DAILY.


It is better to do these activities badly than not at all!


The whole idea is to do the work, but have fun doing it. Your eyes may get tired, and your brain may stress out, but keep going without overdoing it too much.


Remember, there are no prizes for bringing on migraines, causing family breakdown or destroying parent-child relationships!


We want Learning @ Lightspeed to be a fun and worthwhile series of activities for you and your child.  I know that, no matter what level your child’s development is at, you can pursue these activities and seriously supercharge your child’s learning ability, thus avoiding future learning disabilities and reading difficulties!


So, have fun and enjoy the Building Blocks experience!


The colored Schedule for Building Blocks is listed on the attached pdf.

Click here for the Introduction

You are to do EVERY EXERCISE in EACH COLOR for 2 WEEKS, Then move to the next colour.