Hi, Here is the FINAL LEVEL of Building Blocks

Below you will find download links for Level 9 Of the

Building Blocks Vision Therapy Program

This will also include a results sheet, where you can keep track of the days to make sure you do each of the required vision therapy exercises. For a brief introduction and explanation of what the Building Blocks program is doing for your child,



Remember the Rules of Vision Therapy…

1. You need to do all required exercises DAILY

And it will generally take about 20 minutes per day) and we ant to aim for every school day in the week. Remember, this will be an intensive over 6-8 months, so it is worth putting the effort over that time, knowing that this commitment won’t be going on for years (which many other forms of therapy do!).2. You can do the exercises at any time of the day you wish,

Either in the morning, after school early evening, or whenever you have a chance to do them. However,I would caution you to try and make it a regular time, don’t change it from day to day. Routine needs to be your friend, not your enemy!

3. The exercises should every 2 weeks,

So please do you best to ensure that you do not fall too far behind. If you fall behind, you can do the exercises twice in a day to catch up.4. IF YOU DO NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND THE THERAPY, my advice is to simply do the exercise as you understand it, as well as you can.

Many times if parents do not fully understand the exercise they just leave it, and nothing gets done. You are far better to do the exercise badly than not at all, and given that many exercises treat the same condition, you can probably pick up the slack with a later exercise.    So please, don’t skip therapies, just do them even if you are not sure if you’re doing them the right way. You won’t cause any damage to your child.5. This is essential… HAVE FUN!

I have included some advice later on how to deal with difficult children and get them to do their therapies, but for now the main message is to keep things fun and enjoyable, not tense and painful. If you find things are getting a bit much, see the link below for advice.


Building BlocksNow, Here Are The Actual Therapies Themselves…

Building Blocks Vision Therapy Level 9

To get an idea about what these therapies involve (and remember they are mostly games), watch the video above, then download the actual therapy manual which will take you through each exercise step by step and provide you with charts and other tools you can use.

Remember, even if you are unsure as to the exact details of the therapy, please do them as best you can, because doing something incorrectly is going to be better than doing nothing at all!

We are continuing to use these therapies to start building in the visual skills needed to read and learn effectively. Click on the text below to download the full therapy manuals…

Good luck, have fun and work hard!


Well done for getting this far and finishing the Building Blocks Program. You should be seeing improvement in your child as they have developed the skills they need to learn effectively.

So What Now?

Now is when you can start teaching them more effectively than ever, so it is over to the teacher or tutor to do their best for your child. If you have completed the staks properly, they should now have enough to work with to bring about significant improvement in your child’s learning. Please let me know how you get on (I love finding that stuff out!)

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