If you find your child getting more tired at school or after school and they may have a problem with their vision that can be easily solved.

The level of pressure that is on our kids school varies depending on the time of year, and as the year rolls on and we head into the final terms we find that many children begin to struggle to maintain the concentration, or start the push themselves more thereby causing an increasing tiredness and other symptoms like headaches and sore eyes.

If you notice your child getting more tired at school or after-school, and if you recognise that his is increasing as the year rolls on, then you need to examine the situation closely.

Here are a few things for you to consider…

1. A Child Getting More Tired at School is Not Normal

The first thing to realise is that your child getting more tired at school or seeming to be excessively tired after school is not normal.
Many people put their?child’s excessive tiredness down to factors like not sleeping well, or doing too many out-of-school activities. While this may be true, excessive tiredness among schoolchildren especially at school or after school is almost always a result of their having to concentrate more and more, thereby stressing the visual system.

So if you find your child getting more tired at school as the year progresses, don’t just put it down to extracurricular activities.

Have your child’s eyes tested and make sure that they are not suffering from eye strain, made worse by the increase pressure of their school year.

2. Is Your Child Getting more Tired at School or on Weekends?

A definite warning sign is when your child is getting more tired at school than they do on weekends. If weekends are busy but your child seems to handle things, but they get excessively tired during the week, then this is almost always a sign that they are failing to cope with the pressure of school and that usually means eyestrain.

3. Does Excessive Tiredness Affect Schoolwork?

There is no doubt that has your child is getting more tired at school the overall performance decreases. This is true also of the adults, because our level of concentration and our ability to think clearly and apply ourselves is reduced the time to we get.

If your child is struggling at school, and especially if you find your child getting more tired at school, dealing with eyestrain problems could easily cause a significant improvement in their school performance and the concentration span.

4. If My Child is Getting More Tired at School is there any Danger?

If you find your child is getting more tired at school than they were before, there is a very clear and present danger that they will start to go short sighted. Shortsightedness in our school population is set to increase by 200% in a 10 year period, primarily due to the amount of close work kids are now doing based around technology.

When a child starts to use large amounts of technology like iPads, tablets and phones, and when they start to spend long periods of time on computers, studying or even watching movies on their laptop, the pressure on the visual system increases dramatically.

If your child is a high achieving child, they’re not going to put up with getting more tired at school for long. most often, they will try to find a way round this problem, and one of the most common ways now is for your child to go myopic or short sighted.

In shortsightedness development, kids lock their focus on the near objects they are concentrating on for long periods of time, and when their focus fails to relax back in the distance the distance becomes blurry. If this becomes permanent, which it often does, they have found a solution to getting more tired at school, but at the expense of the distance vision.

Short sighted children frequently finish in full-time glasses for the rest of their lives, so the stakes are high.

What Can I Do About my Child Getting More Tired at School?

One of the most important things you can do to help your child if you notice they are getting more tired at school is to get their eyes tested. As a behavioural optometrist, I see excessively tired children frequently and in most cases and able to offer a quick and effective solution using glasses, eye exercises or both.

Of course, any way you can take the pressure off your child will help as well. Having them do less schoolwork, spending less time with technology or doing less after-school activities should decrease the tiredness. However, many times they are resistant to making these changes, and you will do well to examine when it is that they are seeming to be excessively tired.

The big warning bell is when they are getting more tired at school or immediately after school. If they are coming home with a headache or sore eyes, or they seem dreamy or bleary when you pick them up from school, then this is most often an eye problem which can be quickly and easily dealt with.

Sing a behavioural optometrist’s and getting a behavioural vision test can indicate whether focus, eye teaming or something else is affecting their vision. In my practice, I sit and discuss the issues with parents and children, and also revealed the sorts of adverse effects that can come about as a result of the child getting more tired at school.

To avoid problems like shortsightedness, to increase their concentration and improve their performance at school, the right eye test is frequently the answer.

So don’t let your child continue to struggle when the answer could be right in front of your eyes! If you find your child getting more tired at school than ever before, get a behavioural eye test and help them to reach their full potential without excessive tiredness.

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