reading help for childrFor the parents of children with learning problems, reading help for children seems to fit the definition of insanity. It is something that you do over and over again expecting different results, according to Einstein, and this pretty much sums up the way most reading help for children looks.
If you want to help your child with their reading and are looking for a better way to go about it, this could be the most important article you have ever read?

Standard Reading Help For Children

Remedial reading and tutoring are one of the most common types of reading help for children, and they involve a dedicated teacher or tutor going over the same ground again and again in an attempt to break through and improve child?s learning. While this method may sometimes work, there is no doubt that it is a long, difficult and often painful way of helping a child with a reading problem.

The question is, is there a better way?

Please understand, I am not downplaying the work that tutors of reading teachers do, because I admire their perseverance with the kids despite how long and difficult the process may be. In fact, as a behavioural optometrist, my great desire is to make this process less agonising, more enjoyable and more effective for both the teacher and the student.

Reading Help For Children Requires Visual Development

I am a behavioural optometrist, not an educator, so I am not interested in teaching children how to read. However, what I am extremely interested in is enhancing the visual development of the child with learning disabilities so that they have the visual skills necessary to read well. There is no magic involved, but with the right management and a little bit of work we can offer real help for children struggling at school and the teachers.
The dominant sense in the classroom is vision, so it makes perfect sense to concentrate on this area if we want to enhance performance. When we read, vision is obviously the main sense we use, so if we can improve a child?s visual skills, we can provide powerful and effective reading help for children.
For parents and teachers who pound away day after day, week after week and month after month trying to help a child learn to read, anything we can do that enhances this process is going to be welcome. The answer to a child?s reading problem is not to continuously do what they hate over and over again expecting a different result?
The answer is to try something new!

Vision Therapy Can Build a Base for Reading Help

reading help  for children

If traditional reading methods are not helping a child, chances are the child is in need of some basic visual skills development. If they continue to try reading, these skills may slowly develop over time. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that training these basic skills will give them the tools they need to improve reading and supercharge their learning experience, instead of relying on constant repetition.

So what are the skills and how can we develop them rapidly?

There are certain basic visual skills that a child needs when reading including eye coordination, focus, eye movements, sequencing, visual memory, coding and a whole host of other skills.? Simple reading glasses or constant repetition may help a few of these, but the child will still struggle to develop them unless we find a way to develop them more rapidly.
I have developed a vision therapy program targeting these basic vision skills, helping to develop them quickly and efficiently using games and exercises. This can lay a platform for real and sustainable reading help for children.

So if your child is struggling with learning, the answer is not doing the same things over and over expecting a different result. Take the time to develop the skills they are actually using when they read, and you will find your child reading ability will improve rapidly.

Vision therapy can provide real and sustainable reading help for children which is more effective and less frustrating that mind numbing repetition.