Developmental Delays Can Ruin Your Child’s Learning Before they Start!

The Right Development Lays the Right Foundation for the Future!

Delays in Development Puts Kids Behind their Peers in Learning

If you don’t change something, your child will be behind from the moment they start school!

The great thing about developmental delays is that, if we do the right things in the right order, we can develop them. So if your child is struggling at Prep or Grade 1, imagine how stressful it will be in 2 or 3 years if things don’t change.

Glasses may help a child concentrate, but we can develop the right visual skills if we do the right exercises in the right order.

Vision Therapy can Help Your Child Grow Years in their Learning in Just a Few Months

Darin has developed an exclusive and specialised vision therapy program that can accelerate your child’s development.? Using simple techniques, your child will begin to develop the visual skills they need to improve their school performance now and lay the groundwork for a lifetime of learning.

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