eye exercises for myopiaWith many internet sites claiming all sorts of things, you may be wondering if eye exercises for myopia really work.? Can we do eye exercises and affect the amount of myopia, or are all short sighted people condemned to a lifetime of glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery?


To understand the effectiveness of eye exercises for myopia we first need to understand a little about what myopia is, the causes and how we can treat it using eye exercises.


Myopia is short sightedness or nearsightedness, and it refers to a condition where near objects are clear but distant object appear blurry.? It is often corrected by optometrists using a minus or concave lens.


The cause is a little less clear (excuse the pun!).? While genetics and diet play a role, most experts believe that the main cause of myopia is excessive near work.? Hence the condition happens most frequently to those who spend large amounts of time doing concentrated near work.


Myopes tend to be people like book worms, computer geeks and students.? Accountants are frequently myopic, as are heavy internet users or computer gamers.? One recent phenomenon which has seen a massive spike in the number of shortsighted young people is the rise of hand held technology, including tablets, iPods, smart phones and the like.


All of these strongly suggest that too much near work stresses the visual system to the point where it collapses, causing it to adapt by letting the distance go blurred to preserve near vision


But do Eye Exercises for Myopia Control Really Work?


As a behavioral optometrist I use eye exercises as a means of helping to treat short sightedness every day.? If you understand that the root cause of myopia is excessive strain due to excessive near work, then you can look for the signs.


In my practice I can measure not only when myopia is happening, but also see the changes to a person?s focus and eye teaming abilities which accompany the onset on the condition.? If this is the case, I have a selection of eye exercises for myopia which are proven to work in the majority of cases, and all of these exercises have to do with reducing the stress on vision and especially focus and eye teaming abilities.


Here on this site you will find a number of eye exercises for myopia which you can try at home for free.? If you want to get really serious about stopping myopia, we also have a complete series of vision therapy for a fraction of what you will pay in an optometrist?s office.


As with all therapies, eye exercises for myopia require a level of commitment and small changes in the way you do things, but this is a small price to pay to stay out of full time glasses, isn?t it?


When you consider that the alternative is hundreds of dollars for glasses or contact lenses, or thousands of dollars for laser surgery, eye exercises for myopia control are extremely cost effective and, more importantly, they actually work.

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