learning disabilities resourcesIf you are the parent of a child who is struggling with reading difficulties, you are probably searching for learning disabilities resources all the time, often with limited results.? Why is it that many learning disabilities resources seem to offer little other than the long, tortuous and painstaking frustration of making a child read over and over again.?? If reading is the main source of difficulty for a child, one has to ask the question, ?Are most learning disabilities resources missing the point??

Learning Disabilities Resources should be More than Repetition

If you have a child struggling with reading, writing and spelling, simply making them do more of the very task they hate and associate with failure is frustrating and discouraging for both them and you!

It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same task over and over expecting a different result, and for many this sums up most learning disabilities resources!? Surely there is a better way to approach things which give some hope and encouragement to our children!

Learning Resources for Disabilities Can Build a Platform for Success

Effective resources must provide a platform for the success of a child struggling to read.? They need to build essential skills which enable reading success, and they need to be interesting, fun and provide a sense of achievement.? They cannot allow the child to fail and struggle, and they need to keep the child motivated to continue.

In short, the best way to provide learning resources that actually work is in the form and games and fun tasks, which somehow build up the skills that children need to succeed.? That is where vision therapy can provide a fantastic alternative to the traditional learning disabilities resources which involve repeated, painful and discouraging tasks.

Learning Disabilities Resources and Vision Therapy

For over 20 years I have been providing learning help using vision therapy, which is a series of targeted games and fun activities which most children love to do and which help to build essential visual skills.? These exercises and therapies train a child?s vision skills to help them learn more effectively and quickly.? These skills, such as focus, eye coordination, sequencing, coding, visual memory, hand eye coordination and eye tracking lay a groundwork to allow reading success, and they do this in a matter of months and with a lot of fun and enjoyment.

This means that we can provide the skills necessary for a child to read effectively, and do so in a fun and enjoyable environment rather than in a screaming match or tearful environment.? Vision therapy can be done at home, wherever you are in the world, and in a few months you could be seeing an amazing transformation in your child?s ability to read, write and spell.

If you then apply the more typical learning resources which involve repetitive reading, you will now find that your child has the basic skills necessary, and will start to improve rapidly rather than slowly.

This may sound crazy, but it is true in most areas of life.? We take our kids to football training to learn football skills, to tennis lessons top learn those skills and guitar lessons to learn guitar playing skills? so why not get the right training for your child?s reading skills.? Vision therapy can produce the right results if you take the time to do it correctly.? It is very often the missing link in learning disabilities resources.

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