If Your Child Struggles to Learn Their Eyes Could Hold the Key

80% of information in a classroom comes in through your child’s vision!

Learning involves the complex interaction between the brain and the visual system.

So how does this work?

If a child struggles to focus or process the information that comes to them, either via the eyes, the ears or touch, then they can have tremendous problems learning to read, write and spell.

Every Optometrist tests a child’s ability to see, but given that 99% of children can see well, do the eyes have any further bearing on learning?

Of course they do!? the majority of information that shapes a child’s learning comes in through their eyes, and so it makes sense that if we can help their eyes to be more efficient, we can improve their learning.

Behavioural Optometrists help Kids in two Main Ways…

  1. They use special glasses to balance and reduce stress on a child’s visual system, helping them to concentrate and comprehend more effectively.
  2. They can use special vision therapies and eye exercises to train then behaviour and performance of a child’s eyes, focus, eye teaming and the way their brain processes the information.

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