Short Sight is an Epidemic for Our Children

Modern Studies Suggest that We Can Control and Even Reduce Shortsightedness

Myopia (Shortsightedness) is Reaching Epidemic Proportions World Wide

What is the cause, and can we stop it?

Is it an accident that shortsightedness has increased by over 100% in the last 10 years, around the time that smartphones and tablets came on the scene?

So many young people are going myopic, compromising their distance vision to continue focussing for large periods of time on close activities like reading, tablets and phones.

Traditional optometry offers little in the way of trying to prevent short-sightedness in children.? Parents, don’t wait until your child is blurry in the distance to try to protect your child’s vision. Ask anybody who has worn a full-time correction since they were a child and they will tell you that every year they went back to the optician they got a stronger script because they were more nearsighted than previously.

In our practice, we have a stellar record in stopping and even reversing shortsightedness in our children. Using special lenses and vision therapy, we can limit the growth of this debilitating condition, and sometimes even reverse it.

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