If Your Child Can’t Concentrate They Can’t Learn Properly!

One of the most common signs that your child has a visual problem is not blurred vision, not headaches and not sore eyes!

Poor Concentration is the Number One Symptom I See Among Children with Learning Problems

So how does this work?

If a child has difficulty maintaining their focus on close objects, things like books, then the child has a choice.

  1. They do the school work and suffer eye strain, headaches or blurred vision.? This is usually seen in highly committed and driven kids, and you would usually notice this late in the day, of an afternoon of after school.
  2. If focussing on a book is difficult, many children choose to lose concentration instead of suffering pain such as eyestrain.

However, there are many possible causes of poor concentration among kids with learning problems.

A regular eye test will reveal a few of the possible problems, such as Longsight and astigmatism, but a more expansive series of tests is required to critically test the working of the focus and eye teaming systems.

So, if your child struggles to concentrate, get a behavioural optometry test for them and delve deeply into how your child’s focus and eye teaming may be affecting their concentration, and therefore their learning.

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