eye exercises for better visionAre you interested in doing eye exercises for better vision? Some eye care professionals ignore exercises and simply want to sell you glasses, but increasingly eye professionals are recognizing the use of eye exercises in some cases.

However, it must be stressed that doing eye exercises for better vision are no substitute for a proper eye test.? Eye doctors do more than just prescribe glasses, they also check the eyes for diseases, most of which would go undetected without an eye test.?? You may want to do eye exercises for better vision, but if you overlook a professional eye examination you may go blind due to undetected eye disease!

So here are our Top Five Eye Exercises for Better Vision

Eye Stretches

Eye stretches involve you moving the eyes up, down, left and right in a Union Jack figure, and each time looking at far as you can, really stretching the muscles.? This breaks up what is call proprioception, which is the unconscious perception of movement or position from within the muscle itself.? This can relieve stress on the visual system and serve to break up ?bad habits? your muscles may be doing.

Push Up Convergence

Convergence is the eyes turning in together to keep your vision single when you look up close.? So in this exercise, you look at a pen tip at arm?s length and move the pen closer slowly until it splits into two images, then push it out again until you can regains single vision.

Two Finger Jumping Convergence

This is similar to the above exercise, except that they eyes do not converge in a gentle manner but ?jump?.? Hold the index finger on one arm at arm?s length, and the index finger on the other arm at around 12 inches from your nose.? Look at the more distant one, then jump to the closer one.? Go back and forth, and over time try to bring the closer one much closer to your nose.

Near-Far Focus Changes

In this exercise, take a book and hold it at around 12 inches from your nose.? Read one line from the book, the lift your eyes to get a distant object clear (something beyond 10 feet), such as a TV.? Repeat the process, bring the book closer to you until you can no longer get it clear.


This is a simple exercise that promotes relaxation.? After reading for a time, sit back and cover both eyes gently with your palms.? Try to imaging seeing through your palms.? Do this for several minutes, then read for several minutes, repeating the pattern over and over.

So if you are considering doing eye exercises for better vision, these are a good start because they can be easily performed in and around your workplace, and easily incorporated into your current lifestyle.? Many people fail to do exercises for their eyes if they are too disruptive, of if they require special materials, but these are quickly and efficiently done by most people.

In summary, make sure you have a proper eye test for eye diseases.? After that, you can often easily do these eye exercises for better vision the natural way.

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