Thanks for your interest in our special Behavioural Optometrist Symptom Checklist for Children with Learning Vision Problems.

Vision symptoms

We call it the Top Secret Targeted Vision and Learning Checklist.? This is a really cool checklist that can tell you in a few minutes if your child has a learning problem which is related specifically to vision.


The great news is that if you check the symptom list and your child appears to have a vision problem, chances are we can easily do something about it.? We have access to special lenses and vision therapy that is a proven winner when it comes to helping children with learning disabilities, and a Behavioural Optometrist like Dr Darin Browne is not only highly trained in the field, but he is also incredibly innovative, using the latest techniques and ideas to help you with your child.


To download this complimentary Learning Vision Symptom Checklist, all you need to do is click?the link below…

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And for more great news and views from the Behavioural Optometrist world check out Darin’s Blog!We have thousands of happy parents and kids across the Sunshine Coast and even from further afield, because the methods we use in treating children with learning difficulties have a very high success rate.? They may not be the full story, but more often than not they are a step in the right direction, even if other diagnoses such as ADD, ADHD, Asperges or Autistic Spectrum Disorder have also bee made.

2 Responses to “Learning Vision Report”

  1. Tara Edmonds

    Dear Dr Brown,
    I am a Sunshine Coast parent and speech/language therapist currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. My 7 year old son was diagnosed with hyperopia, for which he has been using everyday glasses over the past 2 years. However he continues to suffer frequent headaches and is having significant difficulties with school work and reading, which has increased dramatically in his second year. I believe he would benefit from visual therapy to support his visual problems but have limited access to this. Do you have any general exercises that could be practiced at home until we are able to return to Australia in the coming year?

    • DrDarin

      Hi Tara,

      Sorry to take some time to get back to you. Christmas and holidays can do that to a guy!

      Our vision therapy is able to be downloaded and done anywhere in the world and takes 20 minutes a day, so it may be suitable for you, even over there in sunny Turkey. We could do a few odd exercises, but then we may be wasting more time than you want, obviously the earlier the better.

      Let me know how I can help. As a speechy I am sure we can do something together to help your son, but let me know if you can spare 20-30 minutes a day to work with him.

      Looking forward to hearing from you



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